​Echo Hill Kennel breeding and training German Shorthaired Pointers dogs and puppies in Iowa. Bloodlines include Top Gun Kennel, Sharp Shooter's kennel and Outlander's Kennel. GSP dogs trained in Iowa for NAVHDA and AKC Master hunt test


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The Commands

We are a bird hunting family raising and training bird dogs for the Foot Hunter. Our training philosophy is really pretty simple, we base our training upon praise for doing what the command called for. We have found out that this training method may take a little bit longer for the dog to master, but we do not believe a dog should coward back to you with his tail tucked between his legs fearing what physical treatment it might receive if it does not succeed. Our dogs react to our commands with their heads held high and tails wagging because of the praise they know they will receive.

A dog that comes when called, stops on "whoa", knows how to work the field, holds their points, honors others dogs, knows what "dead bird" means and will retrieve to hand; these commands are our goal in training a bird dog. When this is accomplished, we have a bird dog with class, style and manners.  

The equipment we use is basic; check cords, wonder leads, tie out stakes, e-collars and most the important tool, birds.  If you don't get your dog out in the field where they can work on live birds, then it is unrealistic to expect them to become "bird dogs". At Echo Hill, we have learned it is not that complicated, birds are needed to train a bird dog.