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Past Litter the 4 girls at 4 weeks All Sold


The 4 boys at 4 weeks All Sold


At Echo Hill we only breed one or two litters a year producing German Shorthaired Pointer puppies that will excel in the field with strong natural instincts, versatility and a calm disposition. These pups will not only be trainable, but also biddable.

Being an upland professional guide, the dogs must be able to perform in the fields, covering the grounds in a quartering manner, holding point, retrieving cripple and dead birds back to hand. All this must happen with very little commands.

We train so when our German Shorthaired Pointers are let out of the truck and into the bird field, they should hunt for you with out all the whistle blowing and verbal commands that will put a damper on a fun hunt.   Over the course of one hunting season our dogs will experience close to 1000 bird contacts, more than what most other dogs will see in a lifetime.

With our expectations set at the highest level, these litters are chosen carefully to produce dogs that will provide many years of lasting memories in the fields and also at home. We pride ourselves on producing a family companion you will be proud to own.